AMBICO has the infrastructure in place to manufacture a wide breadth of products with a huge range of unique options and configurations.

We excel at delivering doors, frames, and windows for discerning clients — designing and manufacturing products that must meet rigorous performance standards and architectural specifications. We also undertake commissions for unique decorative doors, frames, and windows that combine an ornate design and the use of unusual materials. AMBICO’s team of experts constructs these distinctive products at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

AMBICO also sells its intellectual property globally through licensing agreements with international manufacturers. The choice is yours. Have your specialized doors manufactured by AMBICO and shipped to your building site or rely on geographically closer manufacturers who can use our detailed designs and certification information to complete the job. For more information on this, please visit our Licensee Page.

Once the doors are ready to install, AMBICO supplies architects, engineers, and building contractors with detailed installation instructions. For complex projects, we offer the services of an AMBICO factory installer, sending them to the site to train and oversee the crew performing the installation work.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include government agencies, healthcare institutions, power plants, airports, and large private-sector companies. But while AMBICO excels at complex, large-scale projects for everything from major performing arts institutions to transit infrastructure, we also relish the opportunity to use our skills on small projects that require just one or two unique openings.

A Family-Run Business

Even as AMBICO cements its position in the global marketplace, its owners remain conscious of the company’s roots as a family-run business — and the qualities that have propelled AMBICO to its current position as an industry-leading company. At AMBICO, each project is seen as an opportunity to achieve excellence.

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