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Whether you’re needing to move large objects into a room or require a way of minimizing noise from slamming doors, AMBICO’s supply of door closers can not only make it feasible to keep environments as accessible as possible, but also free of unwanted disturbances. Depending on the application in question, you may benefit from a closer with stronger closing force or hold open hydraulics systems. The products we have available are of the most reliable and highest quality available.

For applications which require doors that can be mechanically held open to maximize foot traffic flow or transport larger objects between spaces, our selection of LCN and Lawrence hold open door closers are built to keep steel and wooden doors wide open to maximize available entry or exit space. This makes them ideal for emergency situations, major renovation projects, or to support greater foot traffic, improving means of egress in a building. Many of these products are specifically designed for fire and life safety applications where the hold open functionality is controlled by a fire alarm contact. There are variations available through AMBICO for low, moderate, and high-traffic circumstances. Closers available with stops included, not allowing a door to open past a specified degree.

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