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Electric Strikes

AMBICO’s commitment toward providing the highest-quality and most reliable products extends to our electrical hardware. Designed to be as user-friendly, efficient, intelligent, and thoroughly green as possible, these products aim to streamline building accessibility and benefit operations as a whole by handling smaller tasks using low-power electrical systems. If you require the most advanced technology backed by comprehensive testing and certification, AMBICO has your ideal solution.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is an access control device designed to be installed on door systems. It is meant to replace the fixed strike faceplate (known as a keeper), that is often utilized with a lock or exit device. It provides a ramped surface for the latch, which enables the door to close and latch much like with a fixed strike. The difference with electric strikes, however, is that they can pivot out of the way when the door is locked and subsequently opened, allowing the user to open it without operating a mechanical lock or using a mechanical key. AMBICO is proud to offer fail-secure and fail-safe variations of electric strikes. Created by Rutherford Controls, they are powerful and long-lasting systems that also conserve energy usage while maintaining reliable functionality at all times.

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