Hollow Metal/Steel Doors & Frames

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Fire Rated | Insulated | Steel Stiffened | Custom

At AMBICO, we know what it takes to produce a premium-quality door that can withstand years of heavy use. Our team of knowledgeable experts has worked to compile a comprehensive selection of hollow metal and/or steel doors as well as their respective frames to deliver unprecedented satisfaction in having them installed on your property.

Fire Rated | Insulated | Steel-Stiffened | Custom

Our wide selection of Gensteel doors are designed to be highly resilient, strong, and manufactured according to stringent quality control standards. The same attention to detail extends to all matching frames to guarantee a 100% compatibility rate and seamless operation. Sturdy and user-friendly, the fire rated, insulated, and steel-stiffened doors we have available are sure not just to meet the needs of any property, but exceed them with their enhanced dependability and long-term functionality. These doors can be deeply customized to withstand even the most violent forms of nature, unwanted access, and other similar circumstances. With features such as steel stiffeners, flush door faces free of joints, welds or seams, longitudinal door edges that interlock with mechanical seams, and reinforcements with epoxy adhesives, these doors will protect and efficiently seal off any desired spaces on your property.

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