Locks: Cylindrical & Mortised with Knob & Lever Options

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Cylindrical | Deadlocks | Mortise


Having the most appropriate door for your property isn’t enough to safeguard your investments, employees, or future – it’s also important to have a dependable and resilient locking mechanism that can withstand brute force, natural disasters, and other unwanted forms of intrusion. AMBICO has the ultimate solution in the form of various locksets, carefully sourced through some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers respected for their premium-level quality control and standards for excellence.

Cylindrical | Deadlocks | Mortise

Our available locks from Schlage, Lawrence, and Taymor are manufactured with industrial-strength materials and are designed to deliver precise results at every turn. Whether you opt for a cylindrical lock complete with levers fitted with auxiliary support springs, a steel deadlock with a brass latch bolt and cylinder, or a heavy-duty mortise lock, the array of options available to you will be sure to make the doors on your property as secure, strong, and impenetrable as possible while maintaining a minimalistic and thoroughly beautiful professional design. In short, the locks AMBICO supplies are designed for maximum protection of property and occupants in a simplified and elegant system.

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