Steel Doors & Frames

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Acoustic | Blast Resistant | Bullet Resistant Tornado | Decorative: Brass Clad | Stainless Steel


AMBICO is proud to manufacture some of the world’s highest-quality specialized steel doors and frames. Installed in everything from concert venues and government offices to hospitals, they are meticulously finetuned and engineered to complement a wide array of applications. Designed to last even under heavy use and serve as a professional yet beautiful addition to your property, our various steel doors and frames are purpose-built for maximum functionality, user-friendliness, and customer satisfaction.

Acoustic | Blast Resistant | Bullet / Tornado Resistant | Decorative: Brass Clad | Stainless Steel

AMBICO has a wide variety of steel doors and matching frames available. Perhaps you’re interested in a steel acoustic door and frame to lessen sound transition from room to room? Or, maybe you live in an area prone to tornado activity and want to invest in one of our tornado resistant doors to help protect your property. Blast resistant variants are also available, suitable for environments such as chemical plants, government offices, and banks. We’re also proud to provide decorative variations of these products clad in brass, bronze or stainless steel – AMBICO doors are fully customizable to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Regardless of your choice, you can trust in our doors as the strongest, most secure, and highest quality steel doors and frames around. Face veneers are available in a wide variety of paint or stain grade options.

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