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Vice President

For more than 60 years, AMBICO has been a trusted leader with a reputation for excellence. The story of AMBICO is one of success bred of hard work. Founded by brothers-in-law Israel Shinder and Emmanuel Lightstone, AMBICO has grown from a family-run construction products business to an industry-leading specialized door company with a world-wide reputation as an innovator and leader. Today, the world is our marketplace. Architects and engineers trust AMBICO to design and build the very precise doors needed for state-of-the-art hospitals, universities, banks, prison facilities, hotels, museums, and art galleries. These are doors that match craftsmanship with precision specifications.

This family business has solidified its reputation for excellence under current President Jack Shinder, the son of co-founder Israel Shinder, and Vice-President Judah Silverman, the son-in-law of co-founder Emmanuel Lightstone.

Today, our manufacturing facility in Ottawa, Canada, boasts the latest equipment, ensuring AMBICO’s expert technicians can meet large-volume contracts while also constructing every door with a meticulous eye to detail.

Designed for the specialized door market, the company’s cutting-edge commissions include bullet-resistant and blast-resistant doors, frames and windows; acoustic doors and frame assemblies; lead-lined doors and frames; and brass-clad doors and frames. “Our products are so far ahead of the market that many of our potential clients don’t believe the technology even exists,” says President Jack Shinder proudly.

That expertise has brought worldwide success. AMBICO exports directly, and also sells intellectual property globally through licensing agreements with qualified manufacturers who construct our products based on AMBICO’s detailed designs and certifications.

The AMBICO Advantage

Outstanding Service

We have offered unparalleled service and expert advice in the Ottawa area for over 60 years. Let our friendly, experienced team guide you through your next project!


Certified installers

We have a team of qualified carpenters/installers with expertise in the service and installation of the various products related to our industry. Our installers are rigorously trained and fully insured.


Competitive Pricing

We offer a wide selection of quality products related to the commercial door and hardware industry at competitive prices. Contact us for a quote today!

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