AMBICO has been a leader in the manufacturing of specialized door, frame, and window products for discerning corporate clients across North America and beyond.

Founded in 1955 by brothers-in-law Israel Shinder and Emmanuel Lightstone as a regional construction-products business, AMBICO remains a family company — but one that now boasts a world-wide reputation as an innovator and leader in the specialized door market. Today, President Jack Shinder and Vice-President Judah Silverman regard the world as AMBICO’s marketplace.

The exceptional leaders at AMBICO are backed by a 100-strong team that includes expert machine operators, export specialists, engineers, and marketing professionals. Architects and engineers trust the AMBICO team to meet even the most challenging jobs. Be it a glamorous entrance door to a casino or a subtle brass-clad entry to a heritage building, AMBICO matches craftsmanship with precision specifications. Our staff listens closely to your needs, and then excels at providing solutions that exceed expectations. That’s why AMBICO has recorded annual sales growth of 15-20% for each of the past five years, completing upwards of 500 distinct projects annually.

Our Commitment to Customer Choice

AMBICO’s team of experts constructs specialized doors at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, while also selling its intellectual property globally through licensing agreements with international manufacturers. Those manufacturers use our detailed directives and certification information to construct our designs in their respective marketplaces.

Unparalleled Installation Support

AMBICO supplies its clients with detailed installation instructions. For complex projects, we offer the option to send an AMBICO factory installer to the site to train and oversee the crew performing the installation work. We also offer free installation certification courses, training for the correct installation of our products in field applications.

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