Wood Doors

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Acoustic | Blast Resistant | Bullet Resistant Tornado | Decorative: Brass Clad | Stainless Steel


A reliable and sturdy wooden door is essential to the functionality of a property – regardless of whether you have one installed in a home, hospital, factory, or office, it is important that it isn’t susceptible to warping, cracks, or other forms of damage associated with extended use and environmental conditions. Our design team has worked intensively to engineer doors that are strong, resilient, and built to last for decades to come. The very grain of the wood we use is considered, as well as the conditions it may be subjected to.

Acoustic | |Bullet Resistant

Our acoustic soundproof wooden doors are accompanied with industrial-strength steel frames to ensure a precise form is maintained over the years to come. They set the global standard for sound transmission loss – AMBICO acoustic wooden doors and steel frames are tested as a unit and come complete with sound rated perimeter and bottom seals. We also have bullet (protection in conformance with UL levels Five through Eight). AMBICO’s wood doors are designed for a vast array of suitable applications and uses, and are intended to provide maximum accessibility, security, and efficiency. Face veneers are available in a wide variety of paint or stain grade options.

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